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Olivier Lavielle

Olivier Lavielle is a French photographer, a discreet and lonely adventurer, who enjoys working alone in his studio or traveling.

Shown in more than 80 galleries in over 20 countries, much of his artistic work is a reflection of his most cherished passions: the United States, elegant mechanics and the cinema. When he is not in the United States, you will certainly find him in Central or Southern Africa, where he likes to lose himself, between chats in the townships and wild encounters in the savannahs. And, if by chance he was not there either, there is a strong possibility that he is in the middle of a “full-bodied” event, capturing an unexpected form of beauty in violence through his photojournalism.

Everything in his work invites you to travel or go on an adventure: around the world, in current events or in time.
His special touch lies in his inspiration from the cinema, with CinémaScope format frames or a calibration reminiscent of the American cinema from the 40s to the 80s. And it is not a coincidence, since Olivier is also a Director of Photography: for him, the two worlds are perfectly linked, both artistically and technically.

You have to search for Olivier’s work – even his Instagram account does not bear his name! Lavielle works for pleasure, accepting only projects that adhere to his opinions and vision. His discretion is a kind of modesty: he lets his art exist freely, allowing him to make his own way, so that everyone can tell his own adventure story. An enthusiastic and dreamy artist, he remains forever moved when by chance someone manages to bump into him and tell him that they appreciate his work. And when he comes out of his creative isolation, it is to share his experiences and his passion.

Therefore, you will probably meet him in high schools, international exhibitions or galleries, at conferences or workshops that are different from what we are used to seeing … Indeed, Olivier is a fighter with lots of things to say, speaking simply and effectively, and who manages to remind you that, deep down, we are all talented artists, players in our own film. His striking and friendly lectures, have the power to restore aspirations and recharge the potential for self-confidence of each and everyone. Maybe you will also have the chance to share a moment of wittiness with Olivier, hearing very different words to those we usually hear in photography. Because for him, photography is a game just waiting to become art … Want to know how? Don’t miss your chance to share your passion with Olivier Lavielle!

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Cinema-style photography
25/04/2019 - 28/04/2019
San Servolo, Venice