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Le Turk

Born in 1983, Le Turk, first passionate about drawing, studied music and composition at the University and Conservatory of Tours. When he discovered photography in 2009 it was to transpose all his desires for theatricality and his pictorial obsessions influenced by comics and painting.

From then on, he locked himself up in his studio / studio, sometimes tucked away in Leipzig, city of his idol Johann Sebastian Bach and sometimes in Sologne, a region of his childhood, where he devoted all his time in the construction of sets and accessories and invented a world of cardboard paste in the manner of a Méliès. Polystyrene, wood and paint: he tells his stories through large colorful staging, out of a Fellinian cinema, a burlesque theater or a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

Quickly noticed by the galleries he exhibited his work from Paris to Hong Kong, through Belgium and Germany. He realizes the visual campaign of some ready-to-wear brands where he continues to impose his signature.

New figure of French photography The Turk, with the release of his book “Opera Mundi” in 2015 is also known to a wider audience.

Since then, he has been sharing his time between his masterclasses where he likes to share his experience, film projects and a new photo series that will lead to a second collection.


All Sessions By Le Turk

Fantastic staging – photography and Fellinian cinema
25/04/2019 - 28/04/2019
San Servolo, Venice