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Jean-Christophe Béchet

Born in 1964 in Marseille, Jean-Christophe Béchet lives and works in Paris since 1990.
Mixing black and white and color, silver and digital, 24×36 and medium format, polaroids and photographic “accidents”, Jean-Christophe Béchet, in each project, looks for the “right tool”, that which will help him creating a dialogue between an interpretation of reality and a photographic material, in a relevant way.
“Street photo” inheritor, whether American, French or Japanese, he chose not to abandon the terrain of “subjective document”, combining reportage and landscape, portrait and architecture.
He is represented by the gallery “LES DOUCHES, LA GALERIE”, Paris, 10th.

His photographs take place in several private and public collections and have been presented in more than sixty exhibitions since 1999. He is also the author of twenty books.

Published books (selection):

2016: European Puzzle (Loco editions)
2015: Influences (The Martinière)
2015: Carnets # 7: Gunung (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2015: Notebooks # 6: 72.03% (Trans Photographic Press)
2015: Practical Philosophy of Photographic Shooting (Créaphis editions)
2014: Orlando, this is not a Map … (Poetry Wanted edition)
2013: Marseille, Ville Natale (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2012: Notebooks # 5: Mineral / Altitude (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2012: Notebooks # 4: Timbuktu, perhaps (Trans Photographic Press)
2011: American Puzzle (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2010: Notebooks # 3: Discontinued … (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2008: Carnets # 2: Climats (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2008: Notebooks # 1: Black Vertical (Trans Photographic Press Editions)
2006: Views n ° 0, a manifesto (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2005: Tokyo Station (Trans Photographic Press editions)
2004: Sax, Sex, 23h (Editions Filigranes)
2002: Electric ‘cities (Marval editions)



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The Mysteries of Venice
01/05/2019 - 04/05/2019
San Servolo, Venice